Hemorrhoids: Painless Rectal Bleeding

Hemorrhoids are varicose type veins of the anal area. They are much like a surgical glove squeezed in the fingers to create a big bulge. These bulges filled with blood coagulate and form clots. This stretching of the blood vessel causes pain, and the clot maintains stretching of the vein causing continued pain. New straining after original calgary insurance broker formation of the clot, i.e. from constipation, bowel movements, labor or some other form of constriction of the abdomen can further stretch this already expanded blood vessel and forms a new thin layer around the clot increasing the clot size causing more and more continued pain.
This thin stretched vessel has pressure receptors in it that are perceived as pressure pain and can be inflamed by sitting, direct trauma, toilet paper or restraining. If you’ve ever had them, you know how uncomfortable they can be. Also known as “piles”, they occur for a number of reasons. One cause is gravity. The veins from higher up on the anus start to drop down due to the laxity of the tissue as we grow older. Another cause is the pelvic congestion caused by prolonged sitting, straining with heavy lifting or trying to have a bowel movement, or perhaps by the pelvic congestion of pregnancy. Initial symptoms can be a bit alarming. Maybe it’s a small amount of fresh blood on the tissue paper after a bowel movement. Then there is the vague itching, generalized discomfort and downright pain that can accompany hemorrhoids. Add to that the discovery of “lumps” in the area by the sufferer, and you have the makings of a panic.
Imagine for a moment that you are looking into the anal area through an anoscope. There is a circular line around the mucosa where muscles attach to the outer anus called the “dentate” (or “pectinate”) line. If hemorrhoids are above the dentate line, they are called “external,” and if they are below the dentate line they are called “internal.” The external ones are more easily seen and felt, while a person may be unaware that they have internal hemorrhoids.
We don’t know for sure what percentage life insurance of the population gets hemorrhoids. In America the number who present for medical care of hemorrhoids are about 4%. In Great Britain, where they have Socialized Medicine, about 30% of patients present for treatment of this condition. We know in America that the sale of over-the-counter products for them goes into the billions of dollars.
People who have occupations that require prolonged sitting, for example like truck drivers, get hemorrhoids, as do people who do a lot of heavy lifting. Fighter pilots get hemorrhoids from gravity and fighting against G-forces. Pregnant ladies get hemorrhoids, as mentioned, from pelvic congestion, but later from pushing the baby out during the latter part of labor. Probably the most common cause is straining at bowel movement secondary to chronic constipation.
What are the treatments for hemorrhoids? Well, believe it or not, increasing fiber in the diet is an excellent treatment for all symptoms.. Stool softeners haven’t been found to help that much. Fiber decreases bleeding and irritative symptoms. Witch Hazel and glycerin astringent wipes can be very soothing to inflamed hemorrhoids and can often relieve itching. Sometimes, warm sitz baths several times a day can help, as well as sitting on an inflatable “doughnut” cushion (decreases direct pressure and pinching). If there is an acute clot in a hemorrhoidal vein, it may respond to intermittent ice packs. Occasionally, the E.R. or family doctor can make a tiny cut in the hemorrhoid and let the clot out, resulting in great relief and final healing.
What are the physician treatments of hemorrhoids? One of the most effective is the outpatient application of special rubber bands to the hemorrhoids. A patient can have up to three bands a week. Some doctors sclerose (inject it with irritant substance to cause it to shrink) the hemorrhoids by injecting them with 5% oily phenol, but the results are not as good as with banding.. Some clinics use infrared coagulation, cryotherapy (freezing), or various forms of cautery with mixed results. When hemorrhoids are too severe, either open or closed, hemorrhoidectomy is done in the operating room. The results are generally good, but the time to recovery can be lengthy. There have been some good operative results with simply tying off the hemorrhoidal artery.
So, what’s the take-home message? Hemorrhoids are the most common cause of bright red anal bleeding, itching and pain, but this simply cannot be assumed in every case. The doctor is going to have to examine your anus. There are plenty of other things which can cause these symptoms. Please leave your embarrassment in the waiting room and tell the doctor what’s been going on. The one thing to remember when sitting in the waiting room is you’re not alone, and the more open you are with your doctor the better help he/she can provide for you to getting better. If you are over 50 or have risk factors for colon cancer, you probably need anoscopy and colonoscopy. These are very benign tests in this day and age. Once all the more serious possibilities have been ruled out, then you can start a comprehensive program to treat and control hemorrhoids, and you will “live happily ever after.”
John Drew Laurusonis
Doctors Medical Center

3 Things to Know About HUD Homes And The

3 Things to Know About HUD Homes And The Teacher Next Door Program aka Good Neighbor Next Door Program

The Teacher Next Door Program (TND)also known as the Good Neighbor Next Door Program (GNND) is a HUD homes special program open to not only teachers, but also police officers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians (EMT). To get started and for qualifying purposes there are three things you need to know about HUD houses and the HUD Good insurance calgary Neighbor Next Door Program (GNND) 50% off discount:
Each participant is defined as follows:
A teacher is defined as an individual who is employed full time by a public or private school or educational agency. Holds a current State-level certification, as a classroom teacher or educational administrator (Principal, Assistant Principal, etc) in grades K through 12. And in good standing with the employer.
Substitute teachers who are employed full-time (every day) on an on-going, full-time, contract (standard teaching contracts are generally for 180 school days a year, or more) with a school system. These are employees who simply work in a different school every day or for short periods in the same school.
Teachers have to buy property in the same school system where they teach – or in the case of a private school, within the radius where the school draws the students.
A Law Enforcement Officer, for purposes of this program, is defined as an individual who is employed full-time by a Federal, State, county, or municipal government and is sworn to uphold, and make arrests for insurance broker calgary violations of, Federal, State, County, or municipal law and is in good standing with the department.
Firefighters and EMTs must be employed full-time as a firefighter or emergency medical technician by a fire department or emergency medical services responder unit of the federal government, a state, unit of general local government, or an Indian tribal government serving the area where the home is located.
All participants will have to agree execute a second mortgage and note that will be for the amount of 50% of the purchase price. In other words, if a home is purchased with a list price of $100,000, there will be a second mortgage on the house that has NO monthly payment but will be recorded as a lien against the property for three years.
The occupancy restriction for program participants who purchase HUD homes is that they must occupy the property as their primary residence for three years beginning on the date of the closing documents. During calgary insurance the entire three year term, participants may not own any other residential real property.
If someone currently owns real property, it must be sold before closing on a GNND property.
Participants may be required to recertify each year to verify occupancy and compliance.
Once the three year residency period has passed, the second mortgage (lien against the property) is released.
If for some reason you must move or sell the home before the end of the required three year period, you must repay 90% of the second mortgage during the first year, 60% during the second year, 30% during the third year and at the end of the three year period the mortgage is forgiven.
The second mortgage is not calculated in the monthly payment. The second mortgage is a silent second and requires no repayment with full program compliance.
The first mortgage on the property which will have a monthly payment will typically include more than just the other 50% of the list price. Closing costs, commissions & renovations can be financed in with the purchase amount.
For example, a property with a $100,000 list price has a $50,000 silent second mortgage and a $50,000 first mortgage with monthly payments due. If the purchaser does not have closing costs needed in cash, this amount may be added to the first mortgage. HUD does not pay any of a GNND participants closing costs since the home is being sold at a 50% discount. All closing costs will be calculated based on the list price, not the discounted mortgage amount. HUD homes allows sales commission of up to five percent so a five percent commission paid on the purchase of a HUD home in this example would be 5% of $100,000 or $5,000. Closing costs such as lender fees, transfer charges, and settlement expenses might equal $8,000. The property may need $20,000 in renovations since it’s being sold as-is. HUD houses are always sold as-is.
The first mortgage on the referenced property would be a total of $83,000 ($50,000 discounted price plus $5,000 commission plus $20,000 rehab). And the monthly payment would be calculated with the approximate loan amount of $83,000. That would make the realized discount on the property listed at $100,000 an 83% discount, but it’s important to note that the discount is taken from the as-is value of the home. After improvements have been completed, the home’s value would increase as well. The increase in value may be more or less than the actual cost of the renovations, but definitely more than the as-is value. The discount would have to be calculated based on the after-repair value.
The TND/GNND Program has additional specific requirements that must be met by program participants in order to purchase HUD homes at a 50% discount.
For more information and FREE sample pages of How To Make Money With HUD Homes and The Teacher Next Door Program by Nishika Jones, visit HUD Homes Sample Pages.

How to Apply the Law of Attraction to Become A

How to Apply the Law of Attraction to Become A Millionaire!

What exciting times we live in! Since The secret came out so many more people are now “wakened” to the idea of being able to direct their destiny! I have come across a lot of mortgage broker calgary people wanting to apply the Law of Attraction, particularly to attract more wealth and fortune into their lives. It is probably one of the most important areas for which people truly see a change to transform their reality. At the same time I have read numerous books and articles devoting at least one chapter to this topic. In this article I thought I’d share some of the techniques I came across and techniques I use myself.
The first recommended technique is to really see yourself as a millionaire and feel yourself already being a millionaire. Focus on wearing clothes that make you feel prosperous and doing the things a millionaire does, such as looking at amazing houses and going out for lunch. Really focus on wealth and abundance instead of on lack or limitations, not having enough etc as that is what you will keep getting otherwise. If you think you “need” money, that is exactly what you will be attracting to your life: more “needing”! If you feel broke, guess what… you will attract more “brokeness” to your reality.
On the other hand, if you focus on an abundance of money flowing into your life and you really feel this abundance in every fiber of your body, you will create “money attracting vibes”! The interesting thing is, that the more you focus on abundance in your life, the more the “standard” in your mind shifts towards having money. Combined with the right action you will eventually attract that wealth into your reality. Your ideas and feelings shift from “I don’t have money” to “I am receiving more and more money” to eventually actually having it.
Another technique is to visualize your actual fortune. If your goal is to become a millionaire, then write out a a check made out to you for 1 million dollars and hang it somewhere in your house where you will see it often. Better still, make copies and hang them all around your house! Visualize a stream of money flowing into your life, like a river. Or visualize your bank account with a million dollars in it. You could even print out a bank statement, white out the amount and replace it with a huge number. See yourself with a full wallet, happily paying diner for a group of friends. Or anything else that you wish you could do if you had the money. Becoming a millionaire is great, but I assume you have this goal because you have some ideas as to how to spend it once earned. So really see yourself already wealthy! What calgary mortgage broker you see in your imagination, is what you will eventually see for real with your eyes! This method is called “vivid visualization” and is extremely powerful. By practicing it, you will find that your self-image begins to conform to these new images in your mind. You are literally growing into the new successful person you intent to become.
A key factor here is to stop worrying about HOW it will come to you. The universe will take care of that, you just need to believe and focus on positive feelings and vibrations. This will attract the events, circumstances and people into your life to make your goal a reality. Look at your million dollar check and feel the feelings of having that money right now. How would you spend it? How would it feel to spend that kind of money?
A final important point to know, is that if you don’t have enough money right now, it means you are blocking the flow of money into your life, with your thoughts. Your wallet speaks very clearly about the vibrations you are sending out into the universe about money at this present moment. So have a really good look at your own beliefs about money. If your beliefs are limiting and scarce, you will need to address this before you can attract your true fortune. You can work on a more positive and abundant belief system by using affirmations. Use affirmations like “I am so happy and excited that I am now attracting a flow of money into my life” or ”I easily attract money like a magnet”.
Combine the vivid visualization technique with empowering affirmations and the action steps you need to further your goals. This creates a powerful process, and gets you on your way to becoming a millionaire!

Clutterers Anonymous – Declutter Your Life

Attention, calling all people who are interested in how to declutter and eliminate clutter from their lives.

Is that you?

Are you paying the price for not mortgage brokers calgary clearing clutter?Do you feel stressed out and fatigued by clutter?Are you having problems losing weight because you have so much clutter you can’t get anything done and you just feel like the whole world is weighing you down?

Are you feeling the weight of all that clutter and feeling lost when it comes to how to declutter?

It’s impossible to lose weight if you’re weighed under by clutter.

If you have stacks and stacks of crap laying all over your house, there’s no way for you to lose weight, and get healthy and feel good about yourself.

If you want to feel good about yourself, if you want to get in shape and feel healthy, you have to deal with the psychic baggage of clutter. You have to start clearing clutter.

One of the ways you have to change your life to be able calgary mortgage brokers to deal with the clutter is you need more time. You need to be able to manage your time more effectively.

Part of the reason why you have so much clutter laying around is because you just don’t have time to deal with everything.

You don’t have time to deal with all the clutter you already have and you don’t have time to deal with all the new information and all the new stuff coming into your life.

So you’re probably suffering from bad time management skills.

In this article I want to give you a couple of good ideas, just a couple, to help you get started making more time for yourself so that you can deal with your clutter problem, and easiy learn how to declutter.

The first issue is, could you possibly avoid driving in rush hour traffic?

I don’t know if you have a job, or if you’re like me and are an entrepreneur and you create your own schedule.

But like my wife for example. She has quite a bit of clutter in her life and she has never really been strong at busting through her clutter.

Unfortunately for her she’s not as used to being an entrepreneur like I am. She does not protect herself from people who try to make her drive in rush hour traffic.

I’m always telling her, “baby, don’t make appointments that require you to drive in rush hour traffic”. Just don’t do it.

If you’re an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or calgary mortgage a self-employed professional, and you control your own schedule, why would you ever make an appointment that required you to drive in rush hour traffic if you could possibly avoid it.

I understand, sometimes you have to go to traffic court, and you have to be there at 8am, and there’s nothing you can do about that, your a victim of the system.

I’ve been there myself, believe me.

When you get these appointments handed down to you by big beaurocracies, you’ve got to deal with it the way they want you to.

However, if you’re just making an appointment to go have a sales presentation, or to meet with a customer, or to get your hair cut, don’t make that appointment at 9am, make it at 10:30am.

For example, I’m on a mens team, and I kept asking the 12 guys on the team, “why are we having these meetings at 7:30pm so that we all have to drive through rush hour traffic?”. If we would make the meeting at 8pm every man on the team would save 30 minutes. That is 6 extra manhours of time, freed up, per week.

Being conscious of driving in rush hour traffic is important to your time management and you’ll save money on gas and reduce your carbon footprint.

I got this amazing idea from a friend of mine, Lori Marrero, who wrote this amazing book called “The Clutter Diet”.

Better Business Bureau Gives DIRECTV A Failing Grade

We have all heard the horror stories on the Internet and on our local news about DirecTV’s shady business practices.

Over 20,000 DirecTV customers have filed mortgage broker edmonton complaints with the Better Business Bureau in the past three years. Those complaints are just regarding cancellation fees that customers were never informed of and don’t include everything else that could go wrong with their service. The result of all these complaints is that the Better Business Bureau has changed DirecTV’s rating from a grade of C-minus to NR for No Rating. This means that the company has received so many complaints that the company’s grade is now below failing.

I know when I signed up for DirecTV they did tell me about the two-year contract, but informed me of cancellation charges. So being a DirecTV customer I couldn’t help but feel somewhat concerned. So I did a little digging, actually a little is an understatement; a lot of digging sounds more like it. Sure people are complaining about cancellation fees but there must be a reason why they cancelled in the first place, right?

The first thing I tried doing was to find their contract. This was a mission in its self. After several hours, about 50 different websites, and a couple of Hot Pockets later, I finally found the Terms and Conditions. They read more like stereo instructions then a contract, but from what I could understand the fee for canceling their service is $20 x Months Remaining. This I was unaware of. I have had DirecTV for six months now and I have never seen this contract, nor did anyone tell me when ordering. Now I understand why this fee came to be a surprise to most people. They don’t tell the subscribers about it and the fees are hidden so well with in that contract, it’s like they were hiding buried treasure from a boat full of angry pirates.

Still they will only charge you these fees edmonton mortgage broker if you cancel your service. So I decided to look into some of the reasons why people have cancelled their service. Some of the things I found were normal everyday stuff you would expect when running a business. On the other hand there were some things I found that concerned me.

Local channels are huge for a lot of people when it comes to TV, even if you don’t watch them regularly. ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX are local channels. Now if you were a customer coming from cable, you wouldn’t think twice about the availability of these channels. They have always just, been there. Well, what DirecTV fails to tell you is that your local channels are not always available. So if you don’t ask they won’t tell, which seems like a reoccurring theme with them. So you might be signing up for two years of television service without your locals. That means no local news, no local sports, and no Simpsons! I lucked out on this one. I live in a major city so my local channels were available. If you live too far away from a major city you may not be so lucky.

The major reason I found for people canceling their service is somewhat ridiculous. I couldn’t believe it at first, but it starts with DirecTV’s prize possession the NFL Sunday Ticket. Now try to follow this because it’s a crazy scheme DirecTV has come up with!

DirecTV has a football package called NFL Sunday Ticket. What they do is rope you in by offering their best programming package Premier free for five months, if you order the NFL Sunday Ticket. Here is the price break down:
NFL Sunday Ticket = 5 Payment of $59.99 Premier Package = $109.99 (first 5 month’s free)

So there is some savings there but that’s how they get you. When you sign up for DirecTV and the installer comes to your house he will hook up a DirecTV receiver to each TV. What they fail to tell you is, that you will get whatever model receiver the installer has to best fit your package. You couldn’t request the newest models even if you wanted to. So if you are getting an HD programming package and the installer has an older model HD receiver lying around that’s what you’re getting.

Most people wouldn’t even notice the difference when it comes to the receiver and that’s what DirecTV counts on. When you sign up for the NFL Sunday Ticket they don’t tell you the terms and conditions. Why? Because you didn’t ask! It states, **A D10 (or later model) interactive DIRECTV Receiver is required. So you’re probably thinking what happens if the installer doesn’t give me the right receiver for your Sunday Ticket? No problem DirecTV’s got you covered. If you want a new receiver whether it’s because you want a newer model or even if the receiver broke DirecTV will gladly replace it and here is how.

On most occasions they will make you pay upward to $199 to upgrade your receiver. If it’s broken they will replace it for free with the same model. What they didn’t tell you because you didn’t ask is that, every time you upgrade or replace a receiver it renews your contract with them for another 2-years. This is the main reason why 20,000 people are surprised when they receive a cancellation fee of $480. I would be surprised too!

They offer you this great deal to save money. They sell you the NFL Sunday Ticket, and then give you the wrong receivers forcing you to buy new ones, putting you into a longer contract. So in the long run you end up spending more money then you were going to save! ONE BIG SCHEME!!!

I have read a lot of stories about how customers confront DirecTV about this. Some people get hung up on, some get calls from collections, and a lot of them are forced to pay the cancellation fee, but all of them just hit dead ends with no way out.

If DirecTV is going to treat its customers this way, how will they treat me if I ever have a problem? I don’t know, but I don’t want to stick around to find out. I have no intention of staying with DirecTV, and you should be extremely cautious if you are considering it.

Can You Get Along With An HOA As Part of

Can You Get Along With An HOA As Part of Your Home Purchase

You’ve shopped around, found the perfect home, at the perfect price. Everything looks good. And then you find out that if you live there, you’ll be part of a homeowner’s association. You’ve heard the horror mortgage brokers edmonton stories. Heard the jokes. Is this really something you want to get involved with? Are you going to be tarred and feathered for having the wrong color garbage bin? Or for having a garbage bin at all? What are the pros and cons of living in a community governed by a homeowner’s association or HOA?

** You Pay to Be a Member **

If you buy a home in a neighborhood governed by an HOA, you agree to be a member regardless of your feelings about the group. You will pay dues, either monthly or annually. The HOA is generally a non-profit organization, with dues going toward the maintenance and care of common areas or other neighborhood services. Often an HOA will function in tandem with a professional management company, but that depends on the size of the neighborhood involved. In some small townhome communities, residents elect the HOA president, officers, and board of directors from within their own ranks and these individuals fulfill the management functions.

** The Pluses of Living with an HOA **

Communities, regardless of size, that are governed edmonton mortgage brokers by an HOA tend to have common amenities for residents like tennis courts, playgrounds, swimming pools, and club houses for the enjoyment of all the members. They may also provide community services, like lawn care. (This is more common in townhome and condo communities than in residential neighborhoods.)

The HOA will also act as a go-between in the inevitable neighbor disputes and, by the terms of its covenant, will be the “last word” in such exchanges. Essentially the HOA preserves a conformity of appearance in the community and, to a degree, conformity in neighbor-to-neighbor behavior. This can be extremely helpful in issues of noise problems or disputes over property lines and home-based “projects.” An HOA is not going to stand for your “do-it-yourself” neighbor erecting a homemade wind turbine whose blades are whooshing right outside your upstairs bedroom window.

** The Minuses of Living with an HOA **

The very enforcement of conformity that arguably enhances the appearance of the neighborhood and maintains or raises property values can feel like a noose around the neck of more independent, free-spirited residents. These are the people who do not want anyone measuring the height of their grass or telling them the size of dog they can or can’t have for a family pet.

Most HOAs don’t allow properties under their administration to be rented, or, if they do, they might require a screening of the potential tenants and may set a time for them to move in or a length of time they may remain. In some extreme cases, HOAs will also require a screening of new purchasers, which can seriously hinder the progress of a sale. These are potential stipulations that should be fully understood in advance.

If due are not paid or if there’s a major infraction edmonton mortgage of the “rules” and a member is judged to be non-compliant, an HOA can place a lien on that member’s home or even force a foreclosure. Should such a dispute go to court and if the member loses, they will most likely be required to pay the HOA’s legal fees in the action. Again, these are aspects of any HOA membership that should be understood in advance and carefully contemplated.

** If You Are Consider a Home with an HOA Do Your Research **

Never lightly enter into a homeowner’s association membership. Get a copy of the HOAs rules and read them, marking and investigating passages you don’t understand. Do the same with any additional regulations or by-laws the group may have. If possible, ask to see copies of the HOA’s latest financial report and / or a copy of its most recent meeting and / or board meeting. This may give you a sense of the tone of the group and the kinds of issues it routinely considers.

People with a very strong sense of privacy and who do not like anyone or anything “in their business” might be best advised to steer away from an HOA. These associations can be a tremendous assets when they are well run and with a good spirit, or they can be a living nightmare. Those stories on the news have to come from somewhere. Do not simply assume that because you get along well with people, you can get along well with an HOA. It’s not the same thing at all!

Follow Get My Ex Wife Back Steps and Win Back

Follow Get My Ex Wife Back Steps and Win Back Your Ex Wife

Here you will be able to find the answer to your question “how to get my ex wife back.” You are about to discover a very powerful strategy that will help you to reduce significantly the gap between your ex wife and you, and eventually bring your ex back in short time.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to find appropriate time to contact your ex and start rebuilding your relationship.

It is essential to find the time when your ex is the most receptive and ready to start a conversation with you.

For that, you have to choose the time when your ex and you are in a good mood;sometime during the weekend, any celebration, or just pleasant activities without too much action to distract your conversation. The bottom line, find the time your ex is relaxed and has time to talk.

Act naturally, be yourself and be nice, polite, and most importantly in control of your emotions. You want to remind your ex that you’re a pleasant person, easy to talk to. Here is a little help, before you approach your ex, think about something pleasant. It will help you to relax. At this point, your goal is to reestablish a connection with your ex, not the reunion itself.

When found a moment you can talk more or less privately with your ex, start a small talk, but let your ex do the talk most of the time. Be a good listener,and if it’s appropriate to the topic, smile a lot.

In short, be positive. Your positive outlook will attract your ex. The more positive you are, the more positive their reaction would be towards you, therefore, greatly increasing your chances that your ex will want you back.

To make things even better you want to be a reminder of the Good Times together. Try to replicate those great moments when your ex was happy with you. It could be any particular event, or occasion that your ex finds exciting and irresistible. This will set a favorable background for your next move – quietly but confidently say that you wanted to apologize for your mistakes you’ve made recently in your relationship. Mention few of them and say that it was inconsiderate if you, and you’re sorry.

At the same time, monitor the reaction of your ex. Give them some time to accept your apology. No pressure here. It will be accepted if you are patient enough. This may become a breaking point towards your reunion.

Right after that, it would be good to come back to your memory of good times together, to stay on the positive outlook.

Finally, if the time is right and your ex is in the same mood you are, mention that you miss them and wish to get together again.

There is ‘another great way to contact your ex, I’d like to mention, and it’s my favorite one, but we’ll discuss it in my next lesson.

I hope you have found this information useful, and if you want to know more, go to , and you will see where to can get the rest of my training lessons absolutely free.

Thank you and I’ll see you there.

10 Reasons to Encourage Fitness in the Workplace

As business owners or managers, it is important to remember that our most important assets are our employees! We want our employees to enjoy their work environment, and to bring the best of themselves to their jobs every day. Encouraging our employees to embrace fitness as a lifestyle choice pays off in numerous ways!
1. Fit employees are less likely to get sick. A person who is physically fit is generally more resistant to the “bug going around” than a person who is not fit. Reduced absenteeism and reduced health care expenditures are the result of a fit employee base.
2. Fit employees have more energy. One of the many benefits of regular exercise is increased and sustained energy throughout the day. This energy allows the employee to stay focused on the task at handing, bringing the best of themselves to each task.
3. Fit employees have more self-confidence. A fit and healthy individual tends to have a high level of self-confidence, because they have proven to themselves that they can accomplish what it takes to obtain a level of physical fitness. This self-confidence empowers the employee to challenge themselves, and strive for higher levels of achievement in the workplace.
4. Fit employees inspire confidence. An persona who maintains a high fitness level, tends to be a person in whom others have confidence.
5. Fit employees tend to take on more leadership roles. Because of the many positive benefits of a lifestyle, a fit individual tends to make a good leader
6. Fit employees set and achieve goals. Extraordinary fitness often demands that an individual set and reach goals related to their fitness. Learning to stay true to your goals and see them through to completion is a skill that is naturally brought into the workplace. An employee with the proven ability to set aggressive goals, and then REALIZE those goals, is a valuable asset to any organization.
7. Fit employees tend to have better attitudes. Fit employees generally “feel good”. They tend to have a physical and mental “balance” that results in a more positive attitude in the workplace.
8. Fit employees are less stressed. Regular exercise releases the physical AND emotional tensions that life brings our way, thus a fit employee tends to have lower overall stress levels than an employee who does not engage in regular exercise.
9. A fit employee base presents excellent team-building opportunities. Team activities like softball or tennis are wonderful ways for employees to take their professional relationships to new levels, and discover new ways of working together. Obviously, employees that maintain a level of fitness are more likely to participate in these activities.
10. Encouraging fitness demonstrates a concern for employee’s well-being, and pays off! Employees NOTICE when an employer shows concern for the health and well-being of their employee base through a variety of wellness programs. Further, it has been shown that employee turnover is significantly lower among employees that take advantage of a wellness program implemented by their employer.

Good Vibes/ Bad Vibes

Have you ever walked into a store or business and felt uncomfortable there for no apparent reason? Have you ever walked into a store all happy and left quite frustrated? Have you ever wished your house could feel happier? The process called energetic clearing can make a significant improvement to any location.
There are many kinds of energy all around us. They effect where we live and are present where we work, where we go to school, in our homes and businesses. It is amazing how much these energies influence our days, our emotions, our relationships with those around us and our businesses.
Martha owned a souvenir shop in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Since September 11 she had lost 40% of her revenue. She could only blame it on the fear of people to spend money but the loss of business was catastrophic to her livelihood. She called for an energetic clearing of her business. The Energetic Clearer went into the store and spent about one half hour actually moving the energies around, throwing out the negative influences such as fear, force fields, false beliefs and bringing into alignment the positive energies that naturally occur there. It was quite a show with the Energetic Clearer swinging her arms and throwing invisible frisbees around the store! But the next day Martha had twice as many visitors to her store as the day before. Within the first week she had increased her business by 40%. The Energetic Clearer had also given her some ideas on how to maintain the positive flow of energies and Martha shared those tips with her employees. Everyone felt happier, calmer and more positive and actually looked forward to coming to work. What a significant change!
A young fellow named Drew called an Energetic Clearer in to help with his advertising business. His company had been doing ads for small to midsize companies but were unable to land those big accounts. The Energetic Clearer found that the building was sitting on an old railroad station where thousands of strangers had started or finished their journeys at the turn of the century. People leave the energy of their presence in places like these so Drew’s customers were feeling this “travelling” energy. The Energetic Clearer moved that energy back to it’s source and brought into alignment the actual energies of Drew and his coworkers. Drew picked up four major accounts in 3 months as the clients could then feel the sense of permanence, trust and reliability in Drew’s building.
An energetic clearing can remove any blockages of positive energy, clear any obstacle and allow the natural state of harmony, prosperity and balance to again be felt clearly. Obstacles can come from a variety of sources including but not limited to astral influences, network gridding, telepathic pathways and negative beliefs. The clearing process is a spiritual technique using the assistance of highly evolved spiritual beings that guide the healer to manipulate the energy vortexes. It is based on shamanistic practices and teachings.
Energetic clearing can remove undesirable energy from homes and businesses. Clearing real estate can speed up the time it takes to sell a property. Cleared businesses always benefit from higher sales and more traffic. Employees and customers alike become more positive and joyful emotionally. Public places can be energetically cleared allowing tourism and public community events to flourish. Often, amazing results will happen within just hours of a clearing bringing significant increases of positive attraction to the location. Dentists, business owners, realtors, physicians, lawyers and property owners can all benefit from an energetic clearing. Anyplace where there is a high traffic pattern, a high level of emotion, strangers interacting, any risk of crime, even prisons and hospitals can see a significant increase of calm and prosperity.
Michael and Chris had their house cleared energetically. They had just moved into a historic 4 bedroom Tudor and felt some kind of strangeness in it. The feeling had worn off a bit as they lived there but it was still present and Chris felt it would not go away by itself. They also noticed that they were arguing with each other more than they had been before the move. The Energetic Clearer found that some discarnate souls were still present in the house and were bringing their own unhappiness into the lives of Michael and Chris. By cutting those cords of energy and manipulating the energies of the house, the Energetic Clearer was able to release those entities and restore the natural positive energy back into the home and lives of Michael and Chris. Three months later, Chris was pregnant with their first child and they both were extremely happy that they had taken care of the house before the baby was born.
An energetic clearing can do no harm and has proven to always bring an increase of harmony, peace and abundance on the location. Energetic clearings can also be done for individuals. This is a spiritual way to release feelings of despair and frustration and bring back the balance into our lives and businesses.


You can be afflicted by debt of your father if a planet is in the 9th house and Mercury is located in the sign of that planet. Hence Mercury is responsible for creating this type of debt. DEBT OF THE FATHER
If Jupiter is not in the pakka houses i.e. 2nd, 5th, 9th or 12th and is located either in the 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th or 10th house and the pakka house of Jupiter is occupiedby Mercury, Venus, Rahu or Ketu then a native may be afflicted with the debt of the father.
A native is afflicted with the debt of the mother if the Moon is located in any other house except the 2nd and 4th house or if Ketu is placed in the 4th house of his horoscope.Especially if Moon is in the 3rd, 6th, 8th, 10th, 11th or 12th house of a horoscope, then it is suffered with debt of mother.
When Venus is in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th or 11th house, Sun, Moon or Rahu is located in the 2nd or 7th house of a horoscope, then a native is afflicted with debt of the spouse. DEBT OF THE SIBLINGS
A native is afflicted by the debt of the sibling if Mercury is in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 8th, 10th or 11th and Moon is in the 3rd or 6th house of the horoscope.
If Mars is in the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, 11th or 12 house and Mercury or Ketu is located in the 8th house of a horoscope, then native may be afflicted with the debt of relatives. DEBT OF THE CLAN
A native has to pay debt to his clan if Sun is in any other house except 1st, 5th or 11th and Venus, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu is in the 5th house of his horoscope.
A person has to pay debt of atrocity when Saturn is in the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th or 12th house and Sun, Moon or Mars is in the 10th or 12th house of his horoscope.
If there is Rahu in other houses in a horoscope except the 6th, 12th or 3rd and the 12th house and holdsSun, Mars or Venus then a native has to clear debt of the unborn.
When Ketu is positioned in other house except 2nd, 6th or 9th house and Moon or Mars is placed in the 6th house of a horoscope, then a native has a spiritual debt.If debt of the second position has Mercury in the 9th house then the afflicted father debt is shifted in the horoscope of the native. These two types of debts have different ways of forecast.
• If a horoscope has Sun in the 9th house and Mercury in Leo sign.
• If Moon in placed in the 9th house and Mercury in Cancer sign.
• If Mars in the 9th house and Mercury is placed either in the Aries or Taurus sign.
• If Jupiter is in the 9th house and Mercury is in Sagittarius or Pisces sign.
• If 9th house is engaged by Venus and Mercury is in both Taurus and Libra sign.
• If Saturn is in the 9th house and both Capricorn and Aquarius have Mercury.
• If 9th house is located by Rahu and Mercury is in the Pisces sign.
• If Ketu is in the 9th house and Mercury is situated in the Virgo sign.
• If a native is afflicted with the debt of the first category i.e. father and mother debt then he may face lack of love, unhappiness and denial from his parents which means that he will be empty of happiness from this debt.
• Debts caused by Mercury create problem in the life of the afflicted native for which one may face failure in attempts. He may face financial crisis and other complications even if one has Raj yoga in his horoscope.
Debt of the father shows its impression on each and every family member of the native. Therefore the remedies should be accomplished by collecting equal sum of money from every family member. The remedy should be done for 40 to 43 weeks. In this situation the native has to follow remedies of 2 planets at a time. One is the afflicted planet and the other one is the sign of the afflicted planet which is being troubled by the malefic planet.
Remedy of one planet is to be performed for 40 to 43 weeks after having completed one. After performing a remedial process the native should sustain a peaceful domestic life and begin another remedial procedure. The native may get sure result by religiously performing the remedies of the planets.
SUNS – If the debt of the father is of Sun then, every family member of the native should collect equal amount of money and they should performed a yajna. In this way you can calm down the Sun dosha.
MOON-If the debt of the father is of Moon then all the family members of native family should collect equal amount of silver and then throw it in the flowing water.
MARS -If a native is afflicted with debt of father due to Mars then all the family members of the native need to collect same amount of money and form a free medical camp.
MERCURY -If a native is afflicted with debt of the father due to Mercury thenhe should burn yellow sea shells with all his family members and throw the ashes in to flowing water.
JUPITER -If Jupiter is responsible for a native’s debt of father then money should be donated in a temple along with all family members.
VENUS -If Venus is responsible for native’s debt of father then he and his family member should give equal amount of money and feed food to 100 cows with that money. Astrology can help you to come out all of your problems. It can minimise the negative effects of malefic planets and give satisfactory results using its remedies. So have faith on Vedic Astrology and seek an expert to minimise the bad effects caused by the incorrect placements of planets and nakshatra.